Friday, February 10, 2017

Centuri Eagle Board #2 Repair

This one is a lot more complicated than the first.
Started out with a dead board.  No clock signal at all.
Tested the clock pin (2) with the logic probe on the IC 74LS161's at 3A, 4A, 5A, and 6A.  3A and 4A were floating, 5 and 6 were stuck low.  Replaced the IC 74LS368 at 1E and the crystal (18.432mhz).

Got clock activity on 3A and 4A, 5 and 6 still stuck low.
I ended up replacing the 74LS161's at 5A, and 6A, as they were terribly corroded as well, they probably were not bad, but, better to replace now than wait for failure.

Cleaned the corrosion around a lot of the other chips, and reflowed solder, did not make any difference.

Tested IC74LS74 at D2, getting no signal on pin 1 input.  Signal should be coming from the IC's at A1 and B1 74 LS164's pin 9 as per the schematics.  Both of those had no signal as well.  Used the schematic and  traced the line back to IC 74259  at 9N pin 9, that pin had a signal.  9N is on the top board, A1, and B1 are on the bottom board, traced both sides back to the ribbon cable for continuity and they checked out.  Replaced the ribbon cable as it visually looked awful, had definite corrosion.  Also cleaned the pins on the headers, and reflowed the solder on the pins.

The IC's at 1A and 1B started to get proper signal.  Noticed the board had a lot more life at this point, but still no stable picture.
Next step was to check the XOR gates at 3,4,5, and 6B, 6B tested bad, replaced (several of the IC's in that area were bad, ended up replacing a lot of them proactively after this)

Still getting garbage on screen...

Something clearly wrong in the sync area.  Back to the schematics.
Pin 12 on IC 7400 at 8L is floating, traced back to IC7404 at 6E pin 6, which was not floating.  Again on opposite boards, traced back to ribbon cable again, good continuity, tested the ribbon cable, tested fine, so I reflowed the solder on the headers on both boards, and cleaned the pins, and got good continuity afterward.
Plugged it in, and now get this:

Definitely making progress now.
Replaced so far:
74LS161's at 4A, 5A, and 6A (corrosion).
74LS368 at 1E (bad)
18.422 Xtal at 1F
74LS86 at 6B (bad)
Ribbon cable (bad)

What's left to do?
Starfield background is moving way too fast.
Fix the foldover issue.
Try to install the FourPlay or Video Eight Mods from Macros-Arcade
  More to come...

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Coming Soon

Asteroids Repair Part 3
Neo Geo MVS 2 slot Repair
Centuri Phoenix/Eagle multi cab
Centuri Eagle Board #2 Repair
And much more

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fighting Golf Board Fix

Initial boots to garbage:

Reseat all socketed chips and now boots to ram error and flipped image:

Replaced and socketed RAM at 9-P:

Rebooted, and still get VRAM error at 9-P.

Did visual inspection of area around 9-P and noticed some damaged traces on the board (in hindsight, should have done this first)
Got out the meter and did continuity tests on all of the traces and found a bad one (red arrow)

Ran a jumper wire to bypass the broken trace:

Booted up and get this screen:

Jumper for test mode was switched on.  Turned it off and...


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Centuri Eagle Board Repair

 Upon initial boot, no video, no sound.

Reseated all roms, and got the background starfield to appear but nothing else.

Difficult to tell in the picture, but the background starfield is present

Reseated the cpu, and did a quick once over on the board.
Noticed the IC (6331-1J)at 6L was hanging out of it's socket, and was pretty mangled.  Replaced the IC.

 One of the best attract mode messages ever:

Also have a 2nd boardset that needs to be repaired, will come back to that one later, but I suspect the problem with this one lies in this section:

Monday, November 21, 2016

Building a JAMMA test rig from spare parts.

Decided to throw together a quickie JAMMA test rig from parts I had laying around

Not too many details for this, but a few pics below.  Still need to add a few extra buttons for credit and p1/p2 start, along with adding a test and service switch.

Parts List:
Old 15" Dell computer monitror.
Gonbes GBS-8200 CGA/EGA/YUV/RGB To VGA Arcade Game Video Converter.
JAMMA Connector
Old PC switching power supply
Old Speaker/grill
Male DB9 connector x2
Sega Master System GamePad

Getting all the parts together to test:

Throw it into a slapped together wooden box:

Might try to make a different housing for it, but not too concerned.  Doesn't have to look pretty.  Now to get started troubleshooting some old boards.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Hmmm, What's going on here Part 8

Wiring up microswitches to KeyWiz adapter.

Next step, wiring up power, speakers, and install monitor bezel.  Then marquee and cpo.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Game Room Pics November 2016

Just a few pics of the game room as it sits today...

In the game room:
Lethal Enforcers- Monitor needs repair
Blitz 2000 Gold- Fully working
Die Hard Arcade- Fully Working
Asteroids- Partially Working (board issue)
Arkanoid- Not working (needs to be put back together.
Punch Out!!- Needs monitor repair
Phoenix- Fully Working
Pole Position II- Not working
"What's going On Here"- Almost finished.
Ice Cold Beer- Fully Working
BurgerTime- Fully Working
Rowe R-92 CD jukebox- Works but CD player has issues
Ardac C-Series Coin Changer- Works
Tank II- Not sure haven't plugged it in yet, needs a new joystick.
Neo Geo 2 slot Gold- Fully Working
Space Invaders with 8-1 Multi Kit- Fully working
Tron- Working (need to tune in the monitor a bit, and fix some of the lighting
Williams MultiGame- Need to finish Control Panel
60-1 Muti-Cade- Need to fix Trackball wiring
Ms. Pac Man with 96-1- Fully Working
King of Route 66- Fully Working
Gyruss Coctail- Fully Working.

Oh and my Neon sign stopped working too... guess I'll be taking that in for repair at some point.